Today’s #PurposePin is sponsored to you by the word FEAR! Listen pooh, when you know your purpose and understand it fear can really produce delays! I can speak for myself and say that there are times I still question is this really my purpose? Nevertheless a drive and passion continues to fuel the fire everyday and I go and grow. However the more I grow into my purpose I simply want to RUUUUNNNN….Don’t look back!

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I’m a strong believer that in order to understand the problem you must understand the reason why it is. So, let’s talk about the word fear and the definition of the word. Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. How does this connect to my purpose? Well I am glad that you asked that question?

Have you ever had a vision so big that you were literally afraid to tell anyone? But then you begin to write it down and work the plan and it literally blows your mind and your wig. You finally come to terms that the dream in your heart is actually the purpose of your life! It is not until you begin to work the plan that your mind actually begins to set in fears. Baaaabbby!!! Today is the day that we use fear to fuel purpose. Here are three ways that you can start!

  • Decide if THIS is apart of YOUR PURPOSE! We see so many overnight successes or end result glory but fail to understand that it really is not apart of our personal journey. It is important to understand when it is time to support another queen or king’s vision and when we should be inspired to cultivate our own. Fear is a tricky substance that will kick in two ways. You will realize it when destiny is greater than your now as well as if it is not apart of your destiny. Choose wisely!
  • Chile with these excuses! You will never have enough or be in the perfect situation when your destiny is of great substance. There is a difference in an excuse and a reason. We use excuses to avoid the responsibility. Yes circumstance and situation arise that can cause a delay. However, it is important not to allow our reasons to become the excuse for delaying your own purpose.
  • Failure is a good option. Understand you will fail and it is ok! Failure hurts and causes even more fears. But understand that it is necessary. I can be the first to say I I do not like to fail at anything. But that comeback was better than the first time around. It is not just for the betterment of purpose, but failure allowed me to have a greater appreciation for the journey. Chile failure will humble yo rump too…LOL!

I am not afraid to say that I am going to cry and boss up at the same time! Being a woman of faith and a complete mess you are judged for many things. On a personal level, from face slaying, style and fashion to a person whose heart wants what she wants. I have learned that even in the midst of my messed up journey, fear can not reside in the same home as my heart. It is a hard thing to live out your truth especially when others may not understand. Living out your purpose will cause disconnections, painful obstacles and questionable validations. However it is important that through the process to use the fear that comes along to fuel your purpose! #HelloPurpose

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While you are living fearless, I made sure to link this daring outfit for you. I actually found the clutch from a local Ross, but I looked around for another one that will make a killer statement! I got you #PurposeSquad! Click the links below for details!

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