Simple and Classic: Budget Friendly Fashions

Simple and classic is my current go to when it comes to everyday fashions. Being an entrepreneur and a full time contractor, time is of the essence. I lack extensive time to get dress. As part of my daily motivation to get work done I aim to look and feel stylish and...

Fashion Friday with Fashion to Figure

Affordable prices and trendy styles is an entire vibe that Fashion to Figure is giving us. When it is time to head out for the evening, these days I am always looking to turn heads and be comfortable at the same time. Fashion to Figure is most definitely allowing me...

Leather and Leopard: Fall Fashion

Fall is officially here and Im pulling out my two statement trends: Leather and Leopard for the win. I don't believe the memo of cooler weather us in the south just yet. However thanks to Target we are able to step into the season with a bang. Some women are afraid to...

Fall into Purpose: Fourth Quarter Check-In

Fall has arrive which means we can start layering our favorite fashions of deep colors. It also means that we are officially in the fourth quarter of the year. Normally this is the time that we self-evaluate our year of progress or lack there of. Although we are...
Friday Fashions: All white, shorts and thighs

Friday Fashions: All white, shorts and thighs

All white, shorts and thighs are all things that a plus size girl is told never to do or show! Well with it being proclaimed as a "hot girl summer", well here in Florida it literally is HOT GIRL! With the last of the summer months here, I'm making sure to continue the...

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Curvy Girl Signature Must Haves: Jumpsuits

Curvy Girl Signature Must Haves: Jumpsuits

There are some curvy girl signature must haves and one of them is jumpsuits. I absolutely love them and how versatile they can be. For many years I was the girl that worried about many things when purchasing a pant jumpsuit. My thighs are too big, my stomach is too...

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3 Ways to Use Fear to Fuel Your Purpose!

Today's #PurposePin is sponsored to you by the word FEAR! Listen pooh, when you know your purpose and understand it fear can really produce delays! I can speak for myself and say that there are times I still question is this really my purpose? Nevertheless a drive and...

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