Simple and Classic: Budget Friendly Fashions

Simple and classic is my current go to when it comes to everyday fashions. Being an entrepreneur and a full time contractor, time is of the essence. I lack extensive time to get dress. As part of my daily motivation to get work done I aim to look and feel stylish and...

Lime Green Me Please: The Bright Slay Collection Summer Slay Days

Lime Green Me Please! All summer long! know its the norm for plus size community to always wear dark clothing but just like my highlight, my summer wear will be shining bright like a diamond. Summer is going to get the very best of me. So lets talk about a few ways to...

One Fly Mommy: Cute and Comfy with Lane Bryant

Mommy duties never seem to end! From washing clothes to attending games and events to separating fights, moms seem to always forget how about themselves. We want to look fly and polish without looking like we literally only got about 5 hours of sleep! One thing, I...
Cry and Boss Up – #HelloPurpose

Cry and Boss Up – #HelloPurpose

I have cried and bossed up at the same time and we are literally 57 days into 2019 and I am less than ONE WEEK away from being an official blogger for one entire year! Yeah, I know sometimes its the trend to become an influencer to talk about the latest makeup,...

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