Simple and Classic: Budget Friendly Fashions

Simple and classic is my current go to when it comes to everyday fashions. Being an entrepreneur and a full time contractor, time is of the essence. I lack extensive time to get dress. As part of my daily motivation to get work done I aim to look and feel stylish and...

Healing from death: Celebrating the life of Nature Ra’Shawn

Dealing with the loss of someone you love can be extremely hard. The loss of my son Nature has brought about many feelings of hurt, disappointment, shame and unexplained feelings. Today to celebrate his 10th heavenly birthday, I decided to use this space for other...

3 Ways to Use Fear to Fuel Your Purpose!

Today's #PurposePin is sponsored to you by the word FEAR! Listen pooh, when you know your purpose and understand it fear can really produce delays! I can speak for myself and say that there are times I still question is this really my purpose? Nevertheless a drive and...

Church Swag: Sunday Style Guide Dress up or Dress Down

Church swag is just as important for me as my street swag. There are days I want to dress up with a fascinate, pearls and heels. Then there are times I really feel like being cute and chilled. To be completely honest, I'm not a...
Spring Up and Slay

Spring Up and Slay

Spring pulled up bright, quarter 1 goals still popping'. So yeah #PurposeSquad, we did a thang honey! Yesterday, we hit 10K #PurposeFam! Insert praise break and faint! Do you know what this means - Well basically 10,000 people believe in the mission and vision of my...

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Cry and Boss Up – #HelloPurpose

Cry and Boss Up – #HelloPurpose

I have cried and bossed up at the same time and we are literally 57 days into 2019 and I am less than ONE WEEK away from being an official blogger for one entire year! Yeah, I know sometimes its the trend to become an influencer to talk about the latest makeup,...

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