It’s the start to the 2019 year and we all want to define what success is and looks like? Of course I had so many plans of being the best Boss Babe ever! Can I be honest with you and say absolutely everything that I planned did not go accordingly! From sickness, death, delay of the Purpose Planners and feeling hopeless. I just could not seem to wrap my hands around getting things done the way I wanted it done.

January taught me and may I add, I’m still learning a valuable life lesson. Even when adversity comes, life continues. Just because you feel like giving up, plans may be delayed, dreams are paused, it does not mean that the world will do the same. When saying #HelloPurpose, you have to learn how to take a moment, breathe and keep going. The more that you allow complacency to set in the farther away you become from your true reality.

Perspective is everything! And the of point of view that you decide to take is very important. The world’s perspective of success vs failing can lead you to a pause in your purpose. The belief that we are on a course of creating success indicates that the path of success is clear and well known. Most times we give the key to success to the world, social media, family and friends. But in reality this mindset does not work – The key to success is the mindset that we choose to create in order to have complete happiness.

The pressure to be creative and follow your purpose in this day and time can be very challenging. Validation and social acceptance can be the greatest form of success that we display. However, I challenge to answer a very important question. definition of success?

  • Define what success is to you.
  • Is there a clear concept on what you want to achieve?
  • Most importantly why do you want to be successful?

As my grandfather would say, before you can tell the people anything and point your finger, remember you have three fingers pointing back at you! So what is success to me! Its a journey to true happiness to myself! Defining being a big girl who loves her curves, embraces her downfalls all while showing the world that some days are good, many are bad – But I AIN’T not quitter!

As the world gives the definition of how I should dress, act, talk and who I should become, I continue to break all the rules of what my purpose looks like! One way I started to do this is by purchasing my first “Power Suit” from Eloquii. To stay true to my style and what my success looks like in fashion form, I paired them with these leopard print shoes from Charlotte Russe. For years I thought sexy was defined by a certain look. I thought success looked a certain way. Wrong, both sexiness and success is defined by being myself and the goals that I set out…..And this pink and red power suit with me in it says Power, Purpose and Success! #HelloPurpose