Happy New Year Purpose Squad! Kicking off the year with the purpose pin for the year! Normally I would have a vision board party to plan a year of goals. On top of that I would have a list of how I would make it happen in about a week.

The beginning of 2020 I had a lot of plans of my own. This included working full time job as a Certified Behavioral Case Manager. And working part time at Love of Beauty Bar (my very own Beauty Bar & Salon). I absolutely loved working to help many people transition their lives I was completely not happy. Literally three days after having my soft opening and praying to become a full time entrepreneur, my contract was terminated. (A blessing in disguise). Now I had no other choice but to work my business full-time. However the pandemic hit hard and we shut down.

I could have come up with all types of excuses as to why I should stay in the bed and cry. Nevertheless, I decided to get up, pray and do the work! I learned at that moment that I had to stop planning my year and plan for the moment. Transitions happen that can literally change your life. We tend to hold on to things believing that it is what is best for us. However we forget that when we say yes to our purpose, it does not always feel good. Chile I just knew my life would be completely different – And I always say what is meant to be will always find a way to be!

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Everyone has different ways of achieving goals! I really believe the number one way to start achieving goals is to stop making excuses! Here are 5 ways that you can start in 2021!

  • Fear can not live in the same place you plan on thriving in: Use fear to fuel your purpose. Chile just do it scared – what else is going to happen?
  • No does not always mean its permanent: Its ok if you fell down, had a set back or don’t know all the pieces to thriving. Just know that there is a YES coming to you in your due season.
  • Mindset matters: You are what you think! Period!
  • You can clap for others while clapping for yourself: Even if you don’t get a clap for others its ok. Celebrate others wins genuinely and you defiantly see the blessings fall on you.
  • Dress for success! Some days I feel like getting real dolled up. Other days I feel like wearing pajamas. I took note of when I did both and saw I achieved more goals when I dressed like goals. Even like this simple outfit from Fashion to Figure. It helps me to prepare for the day ahead.
Fashionn to Figure Jeans

This is your year – if you want it to be! It is not the time to doubt yourself. Neither is it time to settle. Certain situations continue to hinder us from our next level of purpose. Do what makes you happy. Your idea may seem small to some people. But there is something about it- Its yours! From the tribe that you keep to the millionaire idea – no more excuses to hinder you in this season!

What goal are you setting for 2021 with no excuse attached to it?

Fashionn to Figure Jeans

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