Black Women are Lit! To be the most controversial yet the most beautiful color and gender is a blessing. Being a woman is a blessing. We give life, nature, stand in the gap just to name a few. However being a black women gives a different allows various feelings in so many atmospheres. I do agree that the word “LIT” is an amazing expression.

Just for definition to those that may not know, but the word lit describes when something is turned up or popping. Lit also means AMAZING! It was not until I became an adult and moved to the South that I realize that my skin color and being a woman would be a topic of discussion. However what many may not realize is that being a black woman as afford me strength like no other.

Many do not understand that many black woman goal is to uplift, inspire and cultivate. In doing so we pass the touch to our daughters, cousins, nieces and many more. We are creative, adventurous, loving, kind yet don’t play – And we all know what “don’t play means, side eye”. Black women are passionate in all that we do. When we do it, we do it well. We are unforgettable humans that leave a lasting impact on generation and generations.

Day by day I continue to embrace who God made me. A fun creative especially when it comes to fashion! As a curvy girl, I hear a lot of other curvy divas say wearing black makes them look smaller. Honestly I have learned to throw that entire thought away. I look good PERIODT! (We will get into that discussion in an upcoming blog post) I wear black because its powerful. It makes a statement – just like my skin color.

I mean I don’t want to toot my own horn but look at this amazing statement t-shirt from Phat Girl Bouteeque. Immediately I began to allow my artistic visions to flow.

Of course now a days I am loving taking a t-shirt and turning it into a crop top. You gone get this belly today sugga! For the bottoms I paired my favorite biker shorts with a see through tulle skirt. Just because I felt like it, we added a “I have arrived” effect by pairing a simple black heel and fascinate.

Don’t be afraid to embrace who you are! I understand that being a black woman comes with a lot of pressure. But I remind myself that I applies pressure in all that I do every single day! I show up and show out!

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