If not now, then when will you do it? During this time of our lives there is so much that has literally changed. Personally, Im a huger! I love loving people. Now with these masks I don’t even know who I am waving too. Our worlds has been flipped upside down. However on thing that remains the same is our purpose!

I can remember wanting to start blogging. There were so many things that I thought of why I should not do it. From there are so many other bloggers to I don’t know what I am doing. Wanting to be a plus size blogger and model, I even said to myself I am too big! Chiiillleeeee, that self-esteem is a working progress that you must work on daily. AND DO!

I spent many days delaying my purpose because I focus on them instead of him. Pooh, when you understand and accept that you may not be for everyone – But you most certainly are for some! And those that need you will find you and appreciate your gift. Have the courage to do what somebody won’t and be confident in it.

For example, I am on the heavier side of plus. I call it extended plus size or aka some mo’ to love (wink wink)! Currently I am wearing between a size 20/22 depending on the brand. I have and will continue to be on a journey of being more healthier. Yes Chile – us plus curves work out- Catch me on a good day and Ill give you run for your money.

If I can be honest with you, I have days where I allow what I see to effect what I know. What I see is my arms are larger than what I would like, I have cellulite and a few back rolls. What I know is that I am FINE FINE! I would style myself to cover up those areas. However the fact of the matter is ITS HOT!!! And fashion has no size!

I decided to jazz up my take on these biker shorts. Biker shorts are a cute and comfy way to either play up or down on a look. I found both the biker shorts and statement shirt here from Boohoo Curve. I love a good pair of heels, So I paired a pop of color shoe with the shorts. And to top it off with some style I took my purse and turned it into a fanny pack. And BAM there you have it! Thick thighs and style!

Rather it’s showcasing your style, starting a new business or disconnecting from people – If not now then when? #HelloPurpose

Check out these outfits below by clicking the links to get yours!

Shirt and Shorts: Click Here

Shoes: Click here