Realizing that everything that has happen was for my good. We often times beat ourselves up because we feel like we should be further along in life. I can attest to how many times I have said should have, could have and would have. However have you ever thought about if you did change those instances would you be where you are today. My favorite saying is whatever is meant to be will always find its way back and be!

Sometimes we look over our lives and wonder and question so many things. We wonder why our turned hasn’t happened yet. Replaying how we wish things should be or even could have been. And lets not forget the famous “What I should have said or done is!” Wheeewww sis! Those thoughts can really weigh you down. However the joy in those thoughts is the process of overcoming from what was to what is!

I will be honest I have had so many ideas over the years. Sometimes I didn’t understand how it would all come together. I even wondered if I met the qualifications. Nevertheless, through it I realized that had I not been through each situation there is no way I could be where I am today. Instead of saying why me, I had to start saying “Go Me”! All while this was happening I started showing up like I belong!

A beautiful black woman who just happens to heavily educated and heavily fly belongs at the table. Yeah I know I’m a curvy girl too and them curves carry weight too. However my purpose outweighs it all. Sis, you talk yourself right out of a seat at the table. All because you continue to focus on all the bad things that has happened. You forgot this it is for your good! How do you know it is for your good?

  1. You are still here!
  2. You still qualified!
  3. Did I mentioned that you are still here?

Remembering my why is the reason I keep pushing! This year I was selected as one of the recipients in Ocala’s Top 40 under 40! (Check out the link here) When I received the call about a month ago I literally screamed in my salon. Recognized by the people and peers in your community is always an honor. However being able to encourage other women to say yes to their purpose is even greater. Hitting rock bottom in many areas of life taught me perseverance.

Regardless of how hard things look or seem, remember you are qualified. Not everyone will agree that you deserve a seat. They may even know some of your darkest secrets, faults and past downfalls. Truth be told some folks continue to wait for your down fall. Mine can get a seat and some popcorn – And I ooop! No matter what, you have to focus on what is important. You! Your purpose! And your business that pays you. #HelloPurpose

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