The Spring season is almost here and we are transitioning to the brighter side of clothes. However I believe it is a great time to look at the brighter side of our goals. We tend to focus on where we are not versus how far we have come. We are winding down the first quarter of the year and its only right that you give yourself a round of applause because you survived.

It is definitely something that you probably hear all the time in church or maybe your grandparents. I survived! Two words that we tend to use loosely. The definition of survive is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. Therefore to call yourself the person who is the remainder of that very thing that you thought was going to kill you is definitely more than the brighter side of things.

While you are planning your goals remember you are breaking generational curses. You are stepping out on faith to do what seems impossible to man but was ordained by God for you. You are creating wealth – which is more than riches. I am sure apart of your daily routine is to affirm and declare. You are getting better at commanding your day! Everyday your getting bolder and stronger which is something like a boss!

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Today take moment and give yourself around of applause. Things may not be what you want them to be. It may be a slight delay – But remember good things come to those who wait – on God! You have to stay focus on your job! Which is to first greet your purpose! Heeeey pooh! And then walk in your purpose. Do it cute boo! Lastly do the work and remember who and what you are! He will do the rest! Only if you let him. #HelloPurpose

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