Contrary to what most believe, pleats are amazing show stoppers. If you have not notice, I absolutely love skirts and dresses. It’s also no secret I absolutely love my shape. Even with a little weight gain from our latest quarantine days. Just before summer leaves I definitely had to rock this color combo. Even better when you find the perfect pleats fit for these curves!

There are so many stylish ways to wear a pleated skirt. Any piece that can be versatile in your closet is a must have. I find that a lot of women can’t imagine themselves in a piece past what they saw on someone else. Even when online shopping we automatically look at the model and say “Oh that wouldn’t look right on me”. I always imagine how can I take any particular garment and jazz it up to my style. Especially if it is something that I must have. This also plays a lot into building your confidence and loving yourself.

Just as this pleated skirt from Rebdolls. Of course I have been a fan of them for years. I love the fact that they are literally catering to all women and sizes. They carry up to a size 6x. I have been on the search for supporting and loving Black Owned Businesses. Being a full time entrepreneur, I love supporting my people and amazing brands especially when they can bring that heat.

Although we are in the summer months, this skirt can be worn in multiple seasons. The color is amazing – one of my favorites. They have the option of orange as well. The elastic band waist allows definition and stretch in my waistline. You can literally go from work to date night style with this skirt.

I opted to pair my pleated skirt with a crop top. YUP ANOTHER ONE (hee-hee) This crop top is super cute and stretchy which I LOVE! The strings in the front allows you to pull the shirt into a crop top or style it with a more looser feel. The entire outfit gives me fancy vibes headed to Cabo. Although Ive never been when I do go, this is going in the bag.

Be sure to check out Rebdolls and all their amazing vibes!

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