Spring pulled up bright, quarter 1 goals still popping’. So yeah #PurposeSquad, we did a thang honey! Yesterday, we hit 10K #PurposeFam! Insert praise break and faint! Do you know what this means – Well basically 10,000 people believe in the mission and vision of my brand! And I also get to swipe up to link these good finds for y’all (AAAAAYYYEEEE)

Quarter one is coming to an end and let me just say that I have had a rocky, bumpy and scary quarter. From business lessons, energy protecting lessons, leveling up and lost of a loved one. Chiiilllleeee! But I made it! Oh you better touch your neighbor and tell him I made it! One thing that I have learned is to press my way through by pushing through!

You are probably wondering, how do I push through. Well just as Spring has arrived and sprung up with time, do the same thing with your wardrobe. I have always been a firm believer that I may not be where I want to be, but I’ll dress like I have arrived! And what better way to say I’ve arrived then in this gorgeous hunter green dress from ASOS! I mean a little shoulder ain’t hurt nobody!

I played with a little bright, you gone see me colors by pairing this dress with a gorgeous mint green clutch and coral shoes. Sorry babes, although these items are not available, I put together a look book for you. I enjoy getting dressed up and looking like goals are being accomplished even when things are not always going A-1!

Remember is you achieving goals are not always the most important part of goal setting. The person you are lead to become as well as how it pushes you to your purpose is the real victory. My purpose is to inspire, empower and cultivate people into their purpose. So, you seeing my ups and downs, wins and falls allows you to get a closer view of what purpose looks like! So thank you for helping me reach yet another win! Its a win for all of us! #HelloPurpose

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