It has definitely been a whirlwind of emotions and grief for the last few weeks. From deaths to the silence of those who should be loud. Even having to explain to my black sons the dynamics of being black to the fear of being black. Lots of emotions and words but one that continues to stand out is unapologetically purposeful!

Plus Size jumpers

I have never been a person to stay silent in what I believe in. I’m the friend that you invite to pray and when its a problem! Saved not Soft – know the difference. Nevertheless it is even more important to use your platform not for the benefit of self but to mankind. Now more than ever, black and brown skinned people are rising up all over the nation. With that rise you are able to see that there are so many creative, influential, astonishing, dope blacks. We create, influence, ignite, push and change narratives with our presence and voice.

Yes, there is much work to be completed! We are working towards a mission of the world understanding that until #blacklivesmatter we can not speak #alllivesmatter. Yes, there is much work to be completed! Black influencers, models and creatives must be at the table with the same offering of rates and acknowledgment across the board. Even in the plus size community there must be change. Currently there is a lot of dialogue that indicates how the plus size industry/influence has grown and was built by many black influencers. I whole heartily agree! I have looked to so many black influencers, creative and purpose pushers for style, fashion and confidence. More importantly even now, they continue to inspire me to know that my voice, style and confidence is needed.

Listen pooh the only way to influence others properly is by using your voice. While using your voice, be unapologetically confident. The support of others has definitely brought light to my platform. I’m super grateful and honored! Of course with the new followers a few folks fell off. (shrugs shoulders) And quite a few people remain quite. One thing about it, I will continue to inspire, empower and cultivate people to purpose.

I will continue to support black owned businesses. Support for myself is more than just liking a post or watching their stories from the sideline and saying nothing. It is way too many people watching from the sidelines and saying nothing in this country – not just on social media but in real life!

Here are few things to keep in mind in this next season:

  • Check on your mental health and then check in on your people! We are all grieving and trying to understand this new way of life.
  • Support – Tell them how awesome they are! You never know how your words may save their life! Buy their products! Support their ideas!
  • PULL- UP! – Pull up and help change the narrative!
  • Know that you are worthy! Work your worth! I don’t care how many people are doing what you are doing, your gift is needed!
  • How will you greet your purpose? Nobody responds positively to a nasty “hello”! So why do it with your own purpose. Embrace it!
  • Black is beautiful! #BlackLivesMatter PERIODT!


Support #Blackownedbusinesses: Feature company is Brittney’s Boutique. Evolving online store with fashionable attire and hair until for women with a little sass and class.